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Big Brother and the Holding Company - Ball And Chain - 8/16/1968 - San Francisco (Official)

Janis Joplin on MV
•15 сент. 2014 г.

Big Brother and the Holding Company - Ball And Chain
Recorded Live: 8/16/1968 - San Francisco - San Francisco, CA

1968. Живой блюз. Рвет себя на части.

Белым не запросто вложить в исполнение подлинную черную страсть. Но Дженис это удавалось.

Sitting down by my window
Honey, looking out at the rain
Sitting down by my window, looking out at the rain
All around that I felt it
All I can see was the rain
Something grabbed a hold of me
Feel to me, oh, like a ball and chain
Hey, you know what I mean that's exactly what it felt like
But that's way too heavy for you, you can't hold them all
And I say, oh, whoa, whoa, oh, that cannot be
Just because I got oh, your love, please
Why does every
Oh, this can't be just because I got to need you, daddy
Please don't you knock it down now, please
Here you've gone today
What I wanted to love you and I wanted to hold you, yeah, till the day I die
Yes, I did, yes, I did, yeah, hey, hey, alright
Say, whoa, whoa, whoa, honey
This can't be anything I've ever wanted from your daddy tell me now
Oh, tell me, baby
Oh, say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, honey
This can't be, no, no, no, no, no
Yeah, yeah
I hope there's someone out there who could tell me
Tell me why just because I got to want your love
Honey, just because I got to need, need, need, need your love
I said I understand
Honey, what I'm wanna trying to say hi
Trying, try, try, try, try, try, try
Honey, everybody in the world, also same, baby
When everybody in the world what needs, seem lonely
What I wanted work for your love, daddy
What I wanted trust your love, daddy
I din't understand how come you're gone
I don't understand why half the world is still crying, man
And the other half of the world is still crying too, man
I can't get it together
I mean if you go to? Oneday, man
I mean, so baby, you want? Three and sixty five days, right
You ain't gonna within sixty five days, you gonna for one day, man
I tell you, that one day, man, better be your life, man
Because you know, you can stay oh man, you can cry about the other three and sixty four, man I said whoa, whoa, whoa
But you gonna lose that one day, man
That's all you got, you got to call it love, man
That's what it is, man
If you got today, you don't worry about tomorrow, man
Because you don't need it
Because the matter of the fact, as we discovered tat's rain, tomorrow never happens, man
It's all the same fucking day, man
So you gotta when you want to hold someone
You gotta hold them like it's the last minutes of your life
You gotta hold, hold, hold and I say, oh, whoa, whoa, now babe, tell me why
Hold, baby, 'cause some come on your shoulder, baby
It's gonna feel too heavy, it's gonna weigh on you why does every thing, every thing
It's gonna feel just like a ball
Oh, daddy and a chain


Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton-Ball And Chain (Live)

Traveler Into The Blue
•10 окт. 2013 г.

Ball And Chain
Recorded live at Monroe State Prison in Monroe (1987)

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